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A research-validated reading programme

This is an experiential workshop where you will learn how to implement the AVAILLL
programme by actually doing it yourself. Additionally you will learn about the theory behind the programme, a brief summary of the research evidence and finally how to get ready for AVAILLL in the classroom.

The workshop is unique in that you also will do all this while watching a DVD!!

The workshop is delivered by the creative director of AVAILLL, Chuck Marriott

The workshop is experiential and participants will leave the with the ability to teach AVAILLL with confidence. They will learn:

• the theory and history behind AVAILLL
• the Four Core Activities
• two activities that reach deeper into literacy skills
• class organisation and management
• why AVAILLL engages all students- even those who
can be most difficult to teach
• how to use the AVAILLL manual
• getting ready for AVAILLL in your classroom

“…I am really delighted with the change in the kids. Even if the research results show little upward movement, the differences in the kids are worth their weight in gold!! The main differences are as follows:

Kids are all on time for class – amazing!!
Kids are all ready to work – amazing!!
Kids are always asking what we are going to do today – amazing!!
Every kid is working hard – amazing!!“Papanui High School

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$150+gst pp

This workshop is for teachers
(includes afternoon tea)

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