Advancing literacy learning with books and films

Audio Visual Achievement in Literacy, Language and Learning, or AVAILLL for short, has been successfully used in schools in New Zealand since 2008 and is now being taught in Australia. AVAILLL aims to increase a student’s abilities in comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, spelling and attitudes toward reading and does so in a way that is novel and exciting.

  • “The students have loved the programme and behaviour issues have become a thing of the past. For me it was new, very well prepared and a pleasure to operate.”Ashley, Teacher
  • “…the AVAILLL programme has helped me understand books a lot more. I have started reading a lot bigger and more challenging books than what I had been because I understand them more.”Student
  • “I think the money we spent on the programme was more than worth it because of the gains the children have made, but also adding a fresh element to teaching reading skills. It was fun to teach in a different way and the children were excited about what they were doing.”Rebekah, Teacher
  • “… AVAILLL has helped my ability to figure out words that I don’t know and it improved my comprehension and listening. The AVAILLL programme has helped me focus on reading in a fun way and while you are reading you are improving your punctuation too, because you read sentences with punctuation. I really liked the AVAILLL programme and I hope I can do it again.”Student
  • “AVAILLL made me want to put the subtitles on when I am watching a movie at home. It was good to know I could use my imagination when the movie was off and we just listened. I really used my imagination to think of pictures in my head.”Student
AVAILLL is an internationally recognised research-validated reading enhancement programme that uses popular films, based upon books, to successfully teach reading skills to students in Years 5-10.

Key features

  • Improves cognitive abilities
  • Supports the dual-coding theory of reading
  • Provides excellent appeal and self-motivation with students
  • Encourages increased student book reading
  • Includes the Introduction and Training Guide, 8 manuals each containing 30 to 40 activities PLUS additional Alternate manuals that offer new movies and activities.

Our products are used and endorsed by schools throughout New Zealand