A reading intervention for older students


SevenPlusCoverSpreadAs the research has shown that the difficulties with decoding low vocabulary and poor fluency are principal causes of reading problems for older readers, SevenPlus attends to those three issues.

Designed by literacy expert Chuck Marriott, the programme assumes students (Years 3-8) have learned most of the very early skills that are taught in the first two years, such as basic phonics and early reading strategies.

SevenPlus follows a simple daily routine that the students quickly learn. Students learn how to successfully read increasingly more difficult text as they develop decoding skills and build vocabulary.

READ the article Struggling readers years 3-8: A practical classroom intervention, written by Chuck Marriott and published by the New Zealand Literacy Association.

“SevenPlus uses a combination of direct instruction and teaching using authentic text, so that reading skills are generalised into everyday reading.”Chuck Marriott, author
SevenPlus is a short-term reading intervention programme for students who are struggling to read at the average reading attainment and are behind the National Standard for their class.

Key features

  • Designed for Years 3-8+
  • Ideal with groups or individuals
  • Encourages student’s strengths
  • Students improve quickly
  • Uses rich language to help to build vocabulary knowledge
  • Engaging and success-driven
  • 92-page full colour manual with 41 printable resources

Student and teacher feedback


“The students love doing SevenPlus because they know they can see that they are getting better at decoding and also that they are reading text now that is far more difficult than they are used to.” — Sandy, teacher, Christchurch.

“SevenPlus has been so easy to fit into my reading programme. I think the teaching routines are brilliant!” — David, teacher, South Canterbury

“I like doing reading now because its not hard anymore.” — Tane, student

Decoding ability
Student confidence