About the programme

AVAILLLcoverspreadThe AVAILLL programme is designed to be beneficial and enjoyable for the entire class. Delivered through delivered over a period of four to eight weeks depending upon the manual, the programme contains nine manuals that includes an Introductory and Training Guide, PLUS Alternate manuals that offer new movies and activities.

The manuals are clear and easy-to-use to help lessen the workload for teachers in the classroom. Each manual consists of 30 activities that last one hour, although Part Five and Part Five Supplement include 40 activities.


Full refund offer

If you’re not satisfied with our programme after 30 days, we offer a complete refund.


Benefits of teacher and educator training

The Introduction and Training Guide provides educators with essential introductory experiences with the techniques, classroom management features and background information regarding theory and previous literacy research relating to the program. The Guide may be used individually by teachers or in professional development groups on site at the school.

Assessment and evaluation of students

The programme contains two activities for pre and post testing which provides teachers, students, administrators and families clear and immediate assessment of the reading gains for individual students, subgroups and the class as a whole.

Includes national workshops

Many teachers using AVAILLL have taken advantage of our training workshops. Participants are trained by the programme’s co-author, Chuck Marriott, how best to advance their way through the programme in the classroom. Please email us to express an interest in attending.

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