Literacy Enhancement Programme

Information for parents and caregivers

Why we are watching films at school to advance your child’s learning?

AVAILLLcoverspread Your school will soon be implementing a very novel, yet fun way to help improve your child’s literacy development in reading, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency and spelling.

In the coming weeks, you child’s teacher will be using our AVAILLL literacy enhancement programme during their instructional reading time. This page outlines the benefits and should give you a clear understanding about this valuable programme and how it will benefit your child’s learning.

About the programme and how it benefits your child

AVAILLL replaces the regular classroom reading programme for a period of six to seven weeks. During that time, the whole class is involved in intensive lessons that develop skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary, fluency and spelling in novel and fun ways. The class will be watching a number of full-length feature films plus parts of a documentary. While they watch the films, the subtitle feature is turned on and the children are trained to read the subtitles while watching and listening to the film. As they watch the films they engage in a wide variety of literacy activities; some individual and some in teams.

AVAILLL is an internationally recognised research-validated reading enhancement programme that uses popular films, based upon books, to successfully teach reading skills to students in Years 5-10.

What you can do

Turn on the subtitles when watching a movie! When you are watching a video at home try turning on the subtitle feature. It is a little unusual to read and watch the movie at the same time but you soon get used to it.

It has been found that many children, after experiencing AVAILLL prefer to turn on the subtitles when watching a movie. They are then reading continuously for up to two hours (three if it is a film such as The Hobbit)!!!