Frequently asked questions

You will need one copy per person of the FivePlus manual. You will also need one copy per school of Making Sense of Phonics (2nd edition) by Isabel and Mark Beck. The Book Depository can supply this book for about NZ$40.00.

Finally you will need a set of letters to use with the Building Words activity. These can be wooden tiles as shown in the manual, magnetic letters that are in common use in primary schools or paper letter tiles that you make for yourself each lesson. Teachers can train themselves using the manual or attend one of the FivePlus workshops that will be available from 2018.

Yes, but chances are that particular student has very low letter-sound knowledge and that is one of the reasons why progress has been so slow. To get the best out of FivePlus basic sound-letter knowledge must be learned first. This can be attained through systematic and explicit phonics teaching.
The lessons are quickly paced and intense. Lessons are kept to 15 minutes so that the student is focused and fully engaged all the time. For some students the lesson can be increased to twenty minutes after a period of time.
We recommend 25 to 32 lessons though this will vary with students. Both the students and the teacher will see results within 10 lessons.
Most certainly! We have found that a trained and supported teacher’s aide/learning assistant can achieve the same results as a trained teacher when using FivePlus.

During the development of FivePlus we wondered the same thing. What we found was that students at this age and level of development need very close teaching where the teacher can capture the subtle items that need teaching. In a group setting the teacher can easily miss what is revealed in a fleeting moment. In the end we found that we got far better results faster and more inexpensively through one to one teaching.
Yes. FivePlus looks more at word level strategies and guided reading is needed to help embed those strategies within a complete approach to teaching reading.
Yes. FivePlus is compatible with all phonics programmes and mainstream reading programmes.

We supply the manual only as a printable PDF file with a single user license. Each teach in a school will need an individual license.

If you have a question that is not answered above, please feel free to ask below and we will do our best to respond to you immediately.

“I am thrilled at how quickly my children responded to Fiveplus. They always return from the lessons with a smile! Best of all, I see the results during the guided reading lessons.”Erina, teacher, Christchurch
“FivePlus really helps the children become more independent readers…it gives them the skills they need.” Deidre, teacher, Ashburton
“Word Building is fun. I like to go really fast”. Dean, student