Frequently asked questions

As subtitle reading is part of the exercise, it is most effective for children reading at least at an 8 year-old level. The few children reading below this level can be supported by other students. With regards to levels, they are defined into the following:
Part One -Year 7
Part Two – Year 8
Part Three – Year 9
Part Four – Year 10
Part Five – Years 5-6
Up to and including Year 8 it is a whole class programme with no one excluded. In Years 9-10, it will be more suitable for those pupils struggling with literacy e.g. those in learning support classes.
Yes. The units are generally 30 one-hour lessons with each lesson building on the one before. The maximum benefit is obtained when the intensity is maintained over the six-week period.
No. The research has shown that both groups will benefit if the instructions are followed carefully. This is a whole class programme up to Year 8. In Years 9-10 AVAILLL is for the underachieving pupils.
Each Part is taught over six weeks in daily one hour lessons. For the Part Five and Part Five Supplement this may be one four week unit per year over two years or one eight week unit in one year. Occasionally school timetabling will mean that a lesson is missed. This can be made up with two lessons in one day or by extending into a another week.
It is strongly recommended that you keep to the order of the lessons as indicated in the manuals.
The original (blue cover) includes a Region 1 DVD while the revised edition (green) includes a Region 4 DVD (NZ, Australia, Mexico, etc). The revised edition was made to make the purchase and playing of DVD’s in Australasia easier and less expensive.
The length of play and the subtitles differ from Region to Region. The revised edition contains many changes in both the timing guides and the sub-titles chosen. The correct Region DVD must be used with each version of the manuals.

All AVAILLL manuals sold in Australasia from September 2009 are for Region 4 unless the purchaser specifically orders the original edition that uses Region 1. Manuals sold outside Australasia use Region 1.

No. The DVD’s and books can be purchased online or at a local retailer. Often they can be found in the ‘bargain bins’ at substantially reduced prices. Note that the DVDs must be Region 4 for use with the manuals.
We recommend that you attend an AVAILLL workshop however you can train yourself by using the Introduction and Training Guide. If using this option it is vital that you follow the guide meticulously and experience all the features in it.
AVAILLL can be done in a school classroom or in a private home. Copyright issues mean that it is not suitable for private learning business to use it.
All schools have tests that are suitable. We suggest that they be standardised e.g. P.A.T. Comprehension, Vocabulary; STAR; AsTTLe; Neale, York Assessment for Reading Comprehension (YARC).
AVAILLL explicitly develops skills in the areas of Comprehension, Vocabulary and Fluency. Decoding skills are not taught explicitly, however, because there is so much text reading, students do learn more implicitly about how words work. There are also lessons that attend to skills of spelling and word study.
No. Some days the students do lessons that are related to previous ones where a DVD was watched.
The best set-up is with a projector and a screen in a darkened room. The DVD can be run through a laptop or a DVD player however we recommend the latter as it can be easier to operate the controls.

If you have a question that is not answered above, please feel free to ask below and we will do our best to respond to you immediately.

“One of the most disruptive and difficult kids in all of Year 10 said ‘This is awesome, Miss.’ He was also heard in the playground, telling another disruptive kid; ‘We’re doing really awesome stuff in English man!’ This is unbelievable!”Teacher, Christchurch