A reading intervention for younger students

FivePlus provides the structure and pedagogy to rapidly build the skills and knowledge needed so that the student can learn to decode and encode unknown words, build a sight vocabulary and progress to become a fluent reader.

FivePlus builds upon the knowledge and research of some of the most esteemed researchers and practitioners in the field of early literacy acquisition. All the processes used are designed to work in harmony with mainstream reading theory and practice. The skills learned are habituated so that students continue to use them after the intervention has finished. It is easy for teachers to use and makes learning successful and fun.

About the programme

FivePlus is for students with a reading age between 5.5 and 6.5 years. If a student needs another intervention after the FivePlus limit, SevenPlus builds upon the skills taught in FivePlus and provides vocabulary development, multisyllabic decoding strategies and reading fluency training.

FivePlus is taught in a one to one setting by a teacher or a trained and supervised paraprofessional.

Rapid results are obtained because the teaching is intensive, targeted and complements the reading instruction that is done concurrently in the classroom.

FivePlus uses a very powerful literacy activity contained in the book Making Sense of Phonics (2nd edition) by Dr. Isabel Beck and Mark Beck.

FivePlus users need to purchase one copy of this book per school.

“When I started all the words were hard. Now I can read hard words with no help from my teacher.” Benjamin, student

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