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Reading intervention for younger students ( years 1-3)

FivePlus is a reading intervention for students who are in the early years at school and who are behind the expected reading level. At this point in their early literacy development, individual intensive teaching for a short period can bring about accelerative growth in reading.

FivePlus is taught during fifteen to twenty minutes of intensive instruction. It is delivered in a one to one setting by a teacher or by a supervised paraprofessional.

Daily lessons are taught over a recommended time period of eight weeks for a total of 40 lessons.

• builds on the student’s strengths and addresses those areas that are underdeveloped

• learned in a short period of time

• designed for students in Years 2 and 3 and suitable for older students who are reading below a 6.5 year level

• a proven programme for students who have missed out on Reading Recovery or have been discontinued at low levels

• engaging and success driven

• provides accelerative growth in reading skills

Many students who are struggling with learning to read have habituated slow, word-by-word reading even when the text is easy. In order to help them read easy text fluently, they are given the opportunity to engage in timed RE-READING of known passages of text.

By far the most telling aspect of a young readers’ ability is how they respond to text that is unknown and difficult; in other words, what they actually do at difficulty. To progress from reading text graded at 5.5 years to text graded at 6.5 years there is a large growth needed in the knowledge of sub-word features and strategies for decoding. During the REHEARSAL , students are taught how words can be analysed for decoding as well as unknown phonological features.

A number of students who are reading at about level 8 (approximately 5.5 years) may still have underdeveloped phonemic awareness and may not easily hear and manipulate sounds in words. This is an essential skill for learning to decode and encode. The

WORD BUILDING activity teaches the student to listen for and locate single letter changes and is a powerful tool for developing phonemic awareness skills.

Phonics instruction is done as the need arises in the text during the REHEARSAL. In many cases it will be only a few single letters that need to be taught, with the most common being vowels and the letter that is often said as the sound of the letter. The WORD BUILDING activity also develops and strengthens phonics skills.

“We have been fortunate to trial FivePlus this year with considerable success. We are using FivePlus as an alternative to Reading Recovery. While not designed to replace Reading Recovery it enables the children who miss out on Reading Recovery to have a specialised reading intervention, suitable for children reading at yellow or above and making limited progress. We have found that in the 3 terms we trialed FivePlus, 17 children who were ‘Below’ National Standard in reading are now reading ‘At’ National Standard after completing the programme, compared to 6 out 8 children successfully being discontinued from Reading Recovery over 4 terms, the other 2 children being referred out of the programme and needing further specialist intervention. Because of this success we are now continuing to use 5Plus as part of our specialist interventions in reading. This programme can also be taken by a Teacher Aide making it extremely cost effective.”Dawn Anderson, Assistant Principal, SENCO,Kaiapoi North School – Te Kura o Ruataniwha

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$95+gst pp

For teachers and support staff
(includes morning/afternoon tea)

Important: The course requires participants to purchase the following:

1) The FivePlus manual
(for each participant).

2) Making Sense of Phonics
(2nd edition) by Isabel & Mark Beck

Teachers may wish also to purchase a set of magnetic letter tiles for the Word Building activity.



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