WordLab for Years 7-8


For intermediate classes who are spelling at or above expected levels.

This version includes all of the necessary resources, weekly plans and pedagogy required to teach students spelling in Years 7-8.

WordLab is sold with a permanent licence and is an entirely electronic resource. Available in six package levels as a whole school programme.



Delivered by download as a series of folders containing printable PDFs.
It also includes access to a series of teaching lesson videos. The folders included are:

  • Chants
  • Charts
  • FAQs
  • Homework Activities
  • Implementation Guide
  • Our Words lists
  • Peer Coaching
  • Sample Letter for Parents
  • Sorting Words Activities
  • Spelling Analysis Grid
  • Spelling for Writing
  • Spelling Syllabus
  • Teaching Composite Classes
  • Teaching Routines
  • Weekly Plans
  • Word Inquiry Study Charts


WordLab has been developed by two literacy professionals to assist schools and teachers to deliver a comprehensive spelling programme. It has been rigorously researched and thoroughly trialled in schools. For further information please visit the WordLab page.