Part One (Y7)


Includes 30 one-hour lessons that have been scripted for easy use.

Recommended for use with Years 7 or 8 classes to develop vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and spelling.

The manual uses the following DVDs that are based upon books:

  • Holes
  • Bridge to Terabithia
  • Hook

Optional extras: Charlotte’s Web and March of the Penguins (documentary), used for several lessons.



Some of the activities are Surprise Subtitles, F.U.N.= Fluency, Understanding and Native Image, Read It –Get It, How’s Your Notes and Movie, Art A Glance plus many more!

This is an exciting and unique approach to teaching literacy skills. Students watch engaging films with the subtitle feature turned on. While they Read/Watch the films they engage in activities to develop vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and spelling.

NOTE: Parts One and Two are linked as Part Two contains three lessons that require the use of two DVDs from Part One. These are the only manuals linked this way.

AVAILLL has been continuously researched for six years by an independent body of researchers at the University of Canterbury with excellent results.

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