AVAILLL Part 3 Alternate Film: Rabbit-Proof Fence


This Alternate Film manual is for the use of Year 9 classes and is to be used as an additional film or to replace a film that is in the Part Three manual.

Each manual includes five activities. 

1)  Surprise Subtitles

2)  Next Word Hunt

3)  Take a Dictionary to the Movies

4)  Film’s End But Book’s Beginning

5)  Read It – See It

Supplied as a downloadable PDF, watermarked with a Single-User licence.

As with the other AVAILLL Manuals, the DVDs and books the films are based on need to be purchased separately.



This manual is part of a series of the AVAILLL Alternate Films for Part 3 and Part 4. It can be used in the following ways:

1)  To supplement the films and activities in the two manuals
2)  To replace the films and activities in the manuals
3)  As a stand-alone manual to be used over five days