AVAILLL Part 4 Alternate Film: I-Robot


This Alternate manual is for the use of Year 10 classes only and is to be used as an additional film or to replace a film that is in the Part Four manual.

Each manual includes five activities. 

1)  The Last Word

2)  Synonym Search

3)  Match The meaning

4)  What’s The Word

5)  Read It – See It

Supplied as a downloadable PDF, watermarked with a Single-User licence.

As with the other AVAILLL Manuals, the DVDs and books the films are based on need to be purchased separately.



This manual is part of a series of the AVAILLL Alternate Films for Part 3 and Part 4. It can be used in the following ways:

1)  To supplement the films and activities in the two manuals
2)  To replace the films and activities in the manuals
3)  As a stand-alone manual to be used over five days