Programme contributors

Chuck Marriott

B.A., Diploma of Teaching, Post Graduate Diploma in Literacy.
Creator of SevenPlus. Co-author of WordLab. Creative director of AVAILLL.

Chuck is a senior literacy specialist with over three decades experience teaching primary level students (Years 1-8) within New Zealand. He is a respected lecturer, author and speaker who has successfully presented over 50 teaching and literacy workshops nationwide and internationally.

His unfaltering commitment to improve literacy standards in New Zealand has been his main inspiration for developing and publishing numerous teaching handbooks and comprehensive literacy programmes for the past 20 years.

Academically, Chuck worked as a classroom teacher, school principal, Reading Recovery Teacher Trainer and a part time lecturer at the University of Canterbury, until he accepted a Resource Teacher of Literacy position at Kaiapoi North school where he has continued to work since 2000.

Chuck’s involvement and experience in developing educational products and programmes is extensive. He is the Australasian representative and creative director for AVAILLL, a unique film-based reading programme released in 2008.

In 2010 he began developing SevenPlus, a reading intervention programme aimed to help students (Years 3-8) overcome their reading and learning difficulties, which he successfully launched last year.

In 2014 he began collaborating with fellow senior educator, Louise Douglas, to develop and produce an entirely new spelling programme called WordLab. The evidence-based programme has been designed for every level (Years 1-8) and is due for release early 2016 in an entirely electronic format.

Chuck lived in Canada until 1976 when he emigrated to New Zealand, attracted by the many opportunities it offered. He trained as a teacher in Christchurch in 1978 and spent the next 14 years teaching in a wide variety of schools in both the North and South Islands. He is the father of twin daughters both of who have a passion for art and design. Chuck spent 30 years competing in marathons and triathlons and nowadays can be found in the local gym (keeping father time at arm’s length!) He spends most of his ‘spare’ time working on literacy projects.


A spelling programme for all levels

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A short-term reading intervention programme (Years 3-8)

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A research-validated reading enhancement programme

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“For an educational resource to be offered by us it must meet strict criteria. At a very minimum, it must be evidence and research based and fit the qualifications for best practice.” Chuck Marriott

Louise Douglas

Diploma of Teaching. Co-author of WordLab. Creator of FRoGs.

LouiseDouglasProfileWith over 40 years of experience teaching primary school students in New Zealand Louise is a highly competent and knowledgeable educator.

While teaching in the classroom Louise recognised a need for more comprehensive resources to help students better understand and learn the structure of words. After many years of experience, she began writing and developing her own set of original teaching resources that includes a complete phonics teaching resource.

“I firmly believed in the close relationship between reading and spelling and of the importance of knowing about letter sounds and spelling patterns. I knew from experience that as children learn to spell, their knowledge of words improves and reading becomes easier.”

FRoGS was developed as a resource for teachers who wanted a systematic way of teaching letter sounds and spelling patterns.

Her invaluable work, published in 1999, has proven so successful that it has been the guiding foundation in the development of WordLab, an entirely new evidence-based programme for Years 1-8 students.

“It is exciting now to be developing this further into our new resource WordLab, especially now that the benefits of teaching knowledge of sounds and letter patterns are so widely recognised,” says Louise.

Of real excitement to me are the wonderfully interactive and engaging classroom spelling lessons that we are observing as teachers begin to use WordLab at all levels of the primary school.”

Louise is currently employed as the Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour at a primary school in North Canterbury. She is also undertaking a Post Graduate study in specialist education through the University of Canterbury.

“Teachers are very savvy and cautious when it comes to purchasing resources for their classroom. Funds are limited so must be spent on products that deliver effective results. Teachers recommend our products to their colleagues because they know they offer outstanding value.” Louise Douglas

The late Dr Alice Killackey

Founder of AVAILLL


The founder of AVAILLL enjoyed a lifelong interest in reading and education. The late Dr Alice Killackey was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.

Her higher education took place in California, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in biology from University of Santa Cruz followed by a Masters Degree from San Francisco State in cross cultural education.She completed her Doctor of Philosophy Degree at University of New Mexico. Her doctoral thesis contributed to the foundation of the AVAILLL literacy program which she created years later.

Her work on AVAILLL began in California and was developed further in New Zealand with the University of Canterbury in Christchurch where Dr Killackey lived and worked during the final years of her life.

Dr Killackey sadly passed away in 2009. Her daughter is attending Columbia University in New York City. The AVAILLL Trust is based in Oregon and directed by family members.